As a framework for Social-Emotional Learning  (SEL) instruction we now use the C.A.R.E.S. standards as the basis of our instruction. These standards are:


The ability to establish new relationships, to maintain positive relationships and friendships, to avoid social isolation, to resolve conflicts, to accept differences, to be a contributing member of the classroom and community in which one lives, works, learns, and plays.


The ability to take initiative, to stand up for one’s ideas without hurting or negating others, to seek help, to persevere with a challenging task, and to recognize one’s individual self as separate from the environment, circumstances, or conditions one is in.


The ability to motivate oneself to act and follow through on expectations; to define a problem, consider the consequences, and choose a positive solution.


The ability to recognize, appreciate, or understand another’s state of mind or emotions; to be receptive to new ideas and perspectives; and to see, appreciate, and value differences and diversity in others.


The ability to recognize and regulate one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in order to be successful in the moment and remain on a successful trajectory.